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He is representing Oyo Central Senatorial District in the Nigerian Youth Parliament; contested for the position of Speaker of the 5th Session of the Nigerian Youth Parliament, but was declared the loser in the keenly contested election. In this interview with our Publisher, Prince Precious Enebuse, Arc. Oyelami John Oluwabori, bared his mind on why he resorted to the Court after the election.

To start with, who is Oyelami John Oluwabori?

I am an Architect with a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Architecture from the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife; a distinguished Member of the 5th Session of the Nigerian Youth Parliament with a strong Student Union background and record achievements in Youth advocacy engagements nationally. I believe I’m the man to beat in any Nigerian Youth Parliament election any day because of my sterling leadership qualities, robust followership and clout in and outside the Parliament. I have the needed passion and commitment, at this crucial time, to take the NYP forward in order to reach across and generate better opportunities and privileges for youths across the nation. My desire to become the Speaker of the NYP is for me to create better channels to bring us and our parent body, the National Assembly, more closer for a more harmonious relationship towards making laws that would  advance the fortunes, rights, and privileges of all Nigerians; create more effective channels for the NYP to interrelate harmoniously also with the governments and other stakeholders in the Nigerian State, so that the NYP will no longer  be seen as fighting from the rear, nor as aggressors, but as a congregation of fertile minded people; and a Parliament with articulated positions as to what it can offer to help better the Nigerian society. I believe I can contribute more effectively to the development of the Nigerian Youth Parliament and also to youth development and to the growth of Nigeria and Nigerians generally. This, in summary, is my motivation.

What issues marred the NYP elections which led the exercise to end up in a fiasco?

Fiasco is a strong word; there was no physical fight. We handled the injustices with wisdom. The Clerk of the Parliament who was the umpire unfortunately compromised in what was supposed to be a model election. But we believe the Nigerian Judiciary will give us Justice.

This is what happened: we had an election for the seat of Speaker of the NYP, where 7 members contested. 99 out of the 109 members were present. I won 32 votes, while others won 30, 13, 9, 8, 3, and 1 votes respectively. We also had 3 void votes. The Clerk decided not to declare me as winner of the election due to reasons best known to him, but rather ordered for a Rerun between the Winner and the 1st Runner-up, which is totally against the provisions of the Standing Order of the Parliament. We have the forensic evidences, and hope we shall get Justice at the Judiciary.

What were your reasons for contesting for the Speakership position?

Past Speakers of the NYP had done their best. The best thing that can happen to any society or individual is attainment of development. As I have stated earlier, we hope to make Parliament more vibrant and popular. An average Nigerian youth does not know that the NYP exist.  Or, why it exists at all in a nation that pride itself as being a champion of youth advocacy; with Government itself as the manager. We shall make the 5th Parliament more vibrant and popular.

What is your take on Government’s Action Plan and Youth Development?

The Government is trying their best. The establishment of the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund is an example of the good efforts of the present Government towards youth development. But I believe Government can do better. We the youth are the future of this nation. We need the Government to invest more in youths, for a better tomorrow. The National Assembly is also doing its best by making laws that are helping to improve the living conditions of Nigerians. I believe they too can do more. Also, I will advise us all to follow up on the activities of our Legislators at all levels, upon electing them. This is very key.

How do you rate the governance efforts of the current Governor of Oyo State, Dr. Seyi Makinde?

His administration of the State is the best I have experienced ever since I was born to Oyo State. Great economic development and wonderful infrastructural development. Seriously speaking, His Excellency, Dr Seyi Makinde, has performed well. He is a man with the love of the masses at heart.  These are the words on the lips of an average Oyo citizen. Kudos to him. We wish to see more from him.

Any word for your colleagues in the NYP?

Having approached the Judiciary, I am appealing to all my supporters and well-wishers to be patient. I believe we surely shall get Justice. My advice to the youths of this country is that they should not avail themselves for use during electioneering as thugs and other evil tools by the unscrupulous. We must all get our PVCs and vote for a better tomorrow.

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