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The Nigerian nation today is at the crossroads owing to series of agitations from different ethnic groups. While the Igbos have consistently renewed their agitation to be a self reliable and an Independent Biafran Nation, under the new name Independent People of Biafra, otherwise known as IPOB, the Hausas are also not left out in this sort of unfounded agitation race.
Recently, the Yorubas (a very strong highly exposed race) are also insisting on what they called the declaration of an Oduduwa republic. If care is not taken too, the people of the middle belt where you have states like Benue, Kogi, Plateau, Nasarawa and co, will be making spirited moves for self determination too.
Our oil rich Delta region are also not left out of this modern craze for self determination under the Niger Delta republic, using the issue of non recognition of her alleged unequalled and unsurpassed contribution to the enviable and economic development of what is the Nigerian nation today as their own factor for succession moves.
In the midst of all these cry for secession so as to be self reliant in order to control ones natural resources among one’s kit and kin, there is still mischievous motives within those spearheading for the breakaway controversy.
At the dawn of Independence sixty years ago, these same ethnic groups (either Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba) with their highly educated sons and daughters witnessed the undue exploitation, in aiding the divide and rule tendencies of our colonial fathers who they accused of tapping our natural wealth to develop European nations and its environs. They took up the decision to attend many constitutional conferences, attacked the byelaws and draconian rule of the British imperialists and also brought out their grievances before the United Nations Organization UNO, (now United Nations), until the Union Jack (British Colonial flag) was dropped for our green and white indigenous flag.
Our greatest nationalists like Obafemi Awolowos, Nnamdi Azikiwe, Tafawa Balewa, Ahmed Bello, Mazi Monu Ojike, Anthony Enahoro, Nwafor Orizu, Oba Samuel Akinsanya (Odemo of Ishara), including our eminent Niger Delta son, Dappa Piriye and co; did not rest on their oars for us to be an independent nation on October 1st 1960.
Here we are today, pointing accusing fingers at our fellow brothers, accusing one another of apportioning more percentage of the commonwealth to an ethnic group than the other. Unfortunately for us, our revered nationalists and freedom fighters never thought or reasoned like us or else there wouldn’t have been a Nigerian nation in the first place. Infact, we would have been in the same shoes like our brothers in the Apartheid South Africa who saw Hell on earth before they tasted freedom.
This reason to my mind’s eye explains why the National Assembly should enact effective laws to guide and protect the Nigerian nation from falling apart. Such effective legislation should be devoid of rancour, jealousy or personal aggrandizement, borne out of greed or avarice. It should be that which will draw the general attention of those agitating for their dreamland or nation to really understand the grave consequences of their treacherous acts which will in turn have negative effect on them. Such an effective “Act” coming from the parliament must carry along with it, severe sanctions to enable others have a rethink and do better deeds for their beloved country. Happy Independence!


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