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Police Identify Factors Against Nigeria’s Electoral System

Police Identify Factors Against Nigeria’s Electoral System

Police Identify Factors Against Nigeria’s Electoral System

The Commissioner of Police in Kano State, Usaini Gumel, says electoral irregularities, political violence, vote-buying and other malpractices have eroded public trust in the nation’s electoral system.
CP Gumel stated this while presenting a paper at a one-day town hall meeting on Electoral Reforms organised by the Peering Advocacy and Advancement Centre (PAACA), on Wednesday, in Kano.
He said that despite Nigeria‘s significant strides toward democratic governance, persistent electoral irregularities have eroded public trust in the electoral system.
The police chief said the vices and judicial interventions in electoral disputes have led to a growing perception of courts wielding more influence than voters in shaping political leadership CP Gumel also noted that the 2023 elections had provided Nigerians with valuable insights and lessons they must consider before future elections.
CP Gumel said that for democracy to thrive in the country, the electoral process must uphold the principles of transparency, fairness, and accountability.
He stressed that political actors, electoral bodies, security agencies, and the judiciary have crucial roles to play in ensuring free, fair, and credible elections that truly reflect the people’s will.
CP Gumel stated, “In moving forward, we must emphasise the need for increased coordination and cooperation among all stakeholders involved in the electoral process.”
He said these include political parties, electoral management bodies, civil society organisations, the media, and the public.
“I am confident that by working together towards a common goal of upholding democratic principles and ensuring transparent elections, we can build trust in the electoral process,” CP Gumel explained.
He urged fellow law enforcement agencies to maintain neutrality, uphold professionalism, and guarantee the safety and security of all citizens during elections.
CP Gumel added, “We must work tirelessly to prevent electoral violence, investigate electoral offences and ensure that perpetrators are brought to justice. I call upon all stakeholders to commit to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, integrity and impartiality in their respective roles.
“Let us prioritise the interests of the Nigerian people above all and strive to create an electoral environment that is inclusive, participatory and reflective of the will of the electorate.”

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