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By Toffa Momoh, Abuja

The World Peace Organisation has called for the establishment of state and community level peace building mechanisms across the country for effective conflict resolution.

This was as the organisation released the list of its peace ambassadors.

Among those appointed by the WPO as peace ambassadors is a renowned Entrepreneur, Humanitarian par excellence Dr. Stella Rita Awele Nwachukwu Asogwa.

In this exclusive chat with The Parliament Dairy Newspaper, she bares her mind on the recognition and how she intends to contribute her quota as a member of the peace ambassador for the promotion and sustenance of peace in the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


I am Dr. Mrs. Stella Rita Awele Nwachukwu Asogwa. I am an entrepreneur, I own a Chinese restaurant and a fashion house “Zarita Kouture” and today I have been honoured as a special adviser on peace matters to the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the World Peace Organization.

I am greatly honoured, I appreciate being nominated for this position and hopefully by the grace of God I would execute my duties to the best of my abilities.

I am expected to be a woman of peace wherever I may found myself, be it my village, state, Nigeria or anywhere in the world. I have to ensure that we resolve all forms of conflict in our immediate society and Nigeria at large.

Well, my message to Nigerians is that we need to be a people of peace, we need to see ourselves as brothers and sisters irrespective of our tribe, religion or political affiliation. I remember in those days we had a lot of peace among us, yes there is no nation or even immediate families where there is no conflict. There will always be conflict but we must at all times and as a matter of obligation endeavour to entrench peace in our society.
We must intentionally ensure that we are a people of peace, we must see ourselves as brothers and sisters.

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