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Comrade Gbazuoagu Clement Ojukwu is not an amateur in national politics. The Nnewi born politician in an exclusive chat with The Parliament Dairy, spoke about his philosophy of life as well as what informed his decision to nose dive into politics.


Kindly introduce yourself Sir?

My name is Comrade Gbazuoagu Clement Ojukwu. I’m by the special grace of God, the National Organizing Secretary of the Labour Party.

What informed your decision to join party politics?

My decision to become a politician stemmed from my passion for service to community and humanity. I am from Nnewi. Our businessmen and women are famed for imparting business knowhow and wisdom to our young people. We train them to be independent and to stand out. They in turn train others.

A solid foundation in business is a huge advantage to political actors. In partisan politics, understanding the needs and desires of people around you is the key to unlocking many possibilities. My political party is celebrated today for defeating two of Africas giant political parties in the just concluded general elections.

I learnt the rudiments of party politics, by the special grace of God in 2001, when I was appointed the Personal Assistant to the Chairman, Board of Directors of the then NITEL, the Late Dr. Martin Igbokwe. My foray into partisan national politics began in earnest with my election as the National Organizing Secretary of Labour Party the same day the then National Chairman, the Late Alhaji Abdulkadir Abdulsalam was elected. I learnt a lot under him. He was a great unionist and a gentleman, proficient in party politics. He was a hard working   National Chairman of the Labour Party with a deep knowledge of party politics in Nigeria.

 The then indefatigable National Secretary of Labour Party who is currently the National Chairman of the party and myself were his right hand men, and learnt a lot from him. Unfortunately, during his tenure as National Chairman, the Labour Party was not as highly regarded in Nigeria as it is today. Party financing was a huge challenge but he managed to keep the Party afloat and going. He was of the strong conviction that before long Nigerians all would be fed up with the big parties, which came to pass. We worked very hard with him to keep the party going until he died. My journey through politics was so tough that many times, we had to task ourselves to raise money to finance basic needs. I thank God for our determination and patience.

What hurdles did you face as the National Organising Secretary?

The major hurdles I have had to deal with include managing Party Chairmen in the 36 States of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Sourcing Aspirants, planning and executing Campaign programmes, visitations and conflict resolutions among many other challenges in Politics. I thank God for the understanding between me and the National Chairman and other National Working Committee members. Together, we have done very well so far in managing and promoting the Labour Party throughout Nigeria.

What has really changed in the LP since your emergence as its National Organising Secretary?

To be very honest with you, the membership of H. E. Mr. Peter Obi and Sen. Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed who became our Presidential and Vice Presidential Candidates respectively and the massive support of the Obidients Movement in Nigeria and abroad have been the oxygen and catalyst that catapulted Labour Party to where it is today in Nigeria. I am lucky to be the National Organizing Secretary of Labour Party at this glorious moment when we went to campaign throughout the nooks and crannies of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and with the unbelievable sacrifices and unprecedented support of the Obidients, I believe we won the Presidential Election which took place in March this year across all ethnic, religious and other barriers beyond any arguments whatsoever. The Labour Party is today the choice of the majority of Nigerians, the Youths, Workers, Farmers, Traders, Men and Women who are thoroughly fed up with the bad governance of the big parties for more than 30 years.

What strategies have you adopted over the years that have helped in expanding your portfolio at the party?

The strategies we have adopted to expand our frontiers and sustain the giant strides of the Labour Party in Nigeria should not be a media revelation now. However, expect well measured and thoroughly organized activities from Ward levels in Nigeria with a great infusion of Obidients, NLC, Farmers, Traders, Men and Women across Nigeria in answer to some jealous political parties that contend that we have no structure. Whatever structure they think they have today shall be taken over by the great Labour Party.

Where do you see LP in the next five years?

From today to the next five years, I look forward to the Labour Party being the number one political party in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We shall be the bride, pride and choice of Nigerians and Obidients Worldwide.

Given your experience in politics, what solutions would you proffer towards advancing the party?

To advance the Party, we must carefully choose the Party Leadership especially from the Ward and Local Government levels up to the State level. Men and women of competence, commitment and knowledge must take leadership positions to promote the values of the Labour Party round the clock and not just during elections. We must all work very hard to keep the Labour Party in its number One position for orderliness and good governance of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and bring trust and hope and pride in being a Nigerian back to Nigerian citizens. We must take back our country from those who have messed up governance all these years.

So far, what have been the greatest challenges you encountered in your current office and how are you managing them?

There are many challenges to any political office in any political party. What is important is to be willing and able to confront and overcome the challenges for the interest of the Party and its teeming supporters throughout Nigeria. Challenges must come in many if not in all human endeavours. What is important is to remain decent and focused towards our goals in order to achieve the best of the solutions for the benefit of the masses. Success attracts jealousy and unjustified attacks by meddlesome interlopers who are sponsored to cause disaffection and trouble, and create crisis to discredit the Party and its leadership. This happens not only in the Labour Party but also in other political parties in Nigeria as being witnessed today. Success and failure constitute challenges to management but by God’s Grace, we shall overcome and triumph over the current political challenges in Nigeria.

Despite the challenges you faced, what are your prospects?

The prospects ahead for the Labour Party, Obidients Nationwide and Worldwide, my humble self, my fellow National and State officers are bright and sustainable. We ultimately shall achieve great successes in the nearest future. We trust in God.

What would you describe as the biggest motivation that has brought you this far in your career?

My greatest motivation is the collective determination of millions of Nigerians to work for a New Nigeria. Nigerians have worked so hard for the Labour Party. This is proof that they want genuine change from a nation that has limited itself to consumption to a nation set to engage in production; from politically motivated disunity to patriotic zeal for a united Nigeria where Youths will enjoy their tomorrow today.

The general collapse of our faith in our citizenship is a motivation to work for a better Nigeria. For example, I was born in the South East and grew up in Jos, Plateau State but Western Nigeria was my second home. I can speak the three major Nigerian languages fluently. We are one people facing the same hardship. It is only for political gains that some people promote divisions. We must all work together to stop this. Nigerian Youths have decided to move forward. We must not allow anyone to reverse our speed gear. Together, we can reach our destination of human capital development. This among many other challenges form my motivation to serve under the leadership of H.E. Mr. Peter Obi and Sen. Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed who are the favourites of the Nigerian Youths yearning for development, natural justice, equity and good conscience in Nigeria’s political system.

Don’t you think the prosperity agenda of the APC-led government is a fluke and that there is no practical ventilation to it?

Your question answers itself. I ask Nigerians to look back in the last eight years. What were the promises made to Nigerians by the APC led Federal Government? The promises were about 40 in number. The  promise to perform and deliver democratic dividends made Nigerians vote PMB and APC, but where are we today? It was the abysmal performance by APC that forced Nigerians to Vote LP and Peter Obi and Sen Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed massively in the Presidential Election held on March 18, 2023. For eight years, APC and its government gave Nigerians no ventilation, no ventilator and no fresh air. It is to avoid choking to death that Nigerians ran for their lives and voted massively for the Labour Party.

What is your message to the ‘ Obidients’ as they await court ruling on the election petition case?

My message to the Obidients Movement Nationwide and Worldwide: first and foremost I salute them. I owe them profound gratitude, respect and humility. On behalf of myself, the Labour Party, all our candidates and winners in the last General Election, I thank all from the bottom of my heart for their massive support and immense sacrifices. To all those who lost their lives and limbs and had their properties burnt or destroyed: may God Almighty grant you the fortitude to bear the pains in our struggle to take back our country Nigeria. More miles are ahead but by God’s Grace, we shall triumph over the powers of darkness and retrogression. On our Election Petition in Court: I make no comments because it is subjudice. We however shall overcome whatsoever hurdles to the glory of God Almighty.

 What is your life philosophy?

Focus, determination, hard work, fairness, giving assistance within my capacity and ability to all human beings I come across in my journey through life and malice towards none is my philosophy of life.

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