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There is no gainsaying the fact that the 25 members 10th Cross River state House of Assembly is a reality in line with the 1999 constitution of Nigeria as amended. The inauguration which produced APC RT. Hon. Elvert Ayambem, member representing Ikom 2 state constituency as speaker on a consensus basis was consummated 13th June 2023 at the assembly complex Calabar to the admiration of Cross Riverians whom in their hundreds thronged the venue in an attempt to catching the historic moment.

However mind-blowing the exercise was, it is story for another day as crux of this article is to set legislative agenda that will guide this people’s oriented Assembly achieve her objectives as expressed by the leadership.
Recall that shortly after his decorations and new nomenclature as Mr. Speaker of the House, the Ikom born political statistician noted that given how reputable Cross Riverians benefited from public institutions in previous epoch, his administration determined to leave no stone unturned in interrogating existing laws with a view to modify and accommodate new ideas that will ultimately revamp dilapidated institutions cum infrastructures pregnant with resilience and pioneering efforts of her forebears.

To this end, the Assembly pointman pledged to partner the executive led by His Excellency, Prince Bassey Edet Otu and other spirited individuals in assuaging sufferings of the downtrodden by diligently pursuing salient issues with vigor not with the intent to confront or portray state government in bad light but to enact workable laws that will change the narrative for good.
As noted elsewhere, the comatose state of affairs in Cross River state is not completely helpless but possible with political willpower.

Without much Ado, on every faces, hearts and doors are fangs of ravaging poverty permeating the state like ravens on revenge as a result of her civil service orientation.
Hunger, unemployment, and abject poverty are tales of outcasts with some cruelly consumed in the fray of rural-urban migration.
Additionally, small and medium enterprises hitherto meant to salvage the tide are either decomposing in their early graves or on a flight to oblivion as a result of multiple taxation, thus grounding commercial activities in the state.
Despite mass retirement in the state civil service, young unemployed Cross Riverians are pacing the streets with bleeding heels in search of jobs. Those promoted still lives from hand to mouth as a result of no implementation of promotions and salary increments.
No doubt, these impediments are responsible for social vices and loss of confidence on government by the teeming populace.

Basic education, hitherto considered a right for every child is today a preserve of the affluents as Government owned institutions are groaning in dilapidation. A visit to some is an invitation to death as rodents are new Sheriffs in the supposed class rooms, laboratories and staff offices meant to incubate knowledge.
It is imperative to note that these rodents are sponsored chiefly by half covered roofs and broken walls occasioned by nepotism, immorality and insolence.
Going forward, the House committee on education in her oversight function must address gray areas opposing educational growth in the state.

On healthcare delivery, it is interesting to note that most deaths in the state are fueled by lack of access to medical facilities. Pregnant women, children and the elderly are medically malnourished as few existing health centers are plagued with poorly trained personnels.
It is no news that most local government areas in Cross River state do not have general hospitals for medical tourism at the expense of residents. To meet the demand of World Health Organization (WHO), on quality health for all, the state Assembly must as a matter of urgency declare state of emergency in this critical sector with legislations that necessitates improves funding and implementation.
Security, an instrument for both socioeconomic and political engineering must be tackled headon by appropriate authorities with supervision of the 10 Assembly of Cross River state in a bit to restore lost glory and hopes of the nation’s paradise state.

Addressing these and more will be best legacy for the current Assembly.
RT. Hon. Elvert Ayambem regime as Speaker must be intentional in decoupling government from web of corruption hindering development with pro-masses legislations. His noble Assembly must prioritize and be vociferous in their oversight functions devoid of compromise

Prince Atibile Williams is the Cross River State Editor of The Parliament Diary Newspapers

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