The Parliament Diary


  1. Renovation of ICT Centre abandoned by his predecessor
  2. Distribution of about 2000 sets of furniture to schools in Edati/Lavun Makwa Federal Constituency
  3. Renovation of selected schools in each of the eight LGAs that make up the district
  4. Drilling/Reconstruction of 40 Motorized boreholes across the district
  5. Provision of hospital equipment for Enagi Healthcare Centre
  6. Reconstruction of drainage at Tutijiba, Bida
  7. Reconstruction of a pedestrian bridge at Mayaki Ndajiya area, Bida

8.Empowerment of farmers and distribution of seeds across the district

  1. Distribution of grinding machines and computers
  2. Launching of scholarship scheme and the disbursement of funds to beneficiaries
  3. Ongoing construction of eight kilometer feeder roads in Bida
  4. Medical surgeries, consultation and the distribution of drugs to the sick and elderly in Edafi, Kutigi and Bida LGAs
  5. Construction of fish markets in Enagi and Katcha
  6. Electrification of Kakakpangi village
  7. Solar light in Gbara and Muregi in Mokwa LGA
  8. Fencing of Ndaduma Secondary School in Enagi, Edati LGA
  9. Construction of concrete drain lines for erosion control and road hard surface road construction in Enagi, Edati LGA
  10. Youth and women empowerment programmes in each of the eight LGAs in Niger South senatorial district
  11. Construction of concrete drain lines for erosion control in Lemu, Gbako LGA
  12. Construction of earthwork road (soft pavement) Rural Access and Mobility Road from Diko to Gbadati and Guzan in Edati LGA
  13. Electrification and connection to the national grid of some villages in Lavun, Lapal, Gbako, Katcha and Agale LGAs
  14. Construction of classrooms in some selected schools across the district
  15. Modernization of Bida’s City Gates
  16. Construction of Township roads and erosion control (drainage) at Enagi, Edati LGA
  17. Construction of rural Access Road with earthwork section 1 Gbodoti junction to Gbodoti town
  18. Construction of abandoned ICT Centre at Gbako LGA
  19. Construction of community fish market at Katcha LGA
  20. Construction of perimeter fence at Ndaduma Secondary School Enagi Edati LGA
  21. Other ongoing projects includes but not limited to distribution of 1000 school furniture, computers and other learning materials among others.


  1. Bill for the establishment of National Rice Development Council 2019 (5853)
  2. Bill for the establishment of National Sheanut Development Council
  3. A bill to regulate the importation/use of generating sets to curb the menace of environmental (air) pollution and to facilitate the development of the power sector
  4. A bill on National Animal Identification and Management (Protection, Control and Management Bureau)
  5. A bill on the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Scheme Fund
  6. A bill for an Act to Amend the Compulsory, Free Universal Basic Education Act (2004) Bill, 2020
  7. A bill for an Act to Regulate and Control Building and Construction Industry Health and Safety
  8. A bill for an Act to establish the Federal University of Agriculture and Maritime Studies, Mokwa
  9. A bill for an Act to amend the National Agricultural Land Development Authority, Act.
  10. A bill for an Act to amend the National Centre for Agricultural Mechanization Act to provide for Private Sector Participation, Promotion of Commercial Agriculture and for other related matters


  1. The need to address the non-take off of the Hydra Electric Power Producing Areas Development Commission (HYPADEC) since years after its passage into law
  2. Urgent need to complete all the necessary components of Baro Port Project
  3. Urgent need for Quick Response to Rainstorm that affected communities in Mokwa, Lapal and Gbako LGAs of Niger South Senatorial district
  4. Urgent need for repairs of the failed sections of the road and bridges on the federal roads in Niger State
  5. Need for the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to take relief materials to areas affected by flooding in Niger South
  6. Need for the Senate to send delegation to Niger State for the commiseration of the people on the death of Shaba Nupe and Sam Nda-Isaiah


  1. Spearheading other lawmakers and elected officials to advocating for the completion and take-off of Baro Port. He capped it up with a world press conference at Baro community in July of that year
  2. Lobbied for the take-off of the HYPADEC which has since been achieved
  3. Ensure that Niger is included among the eight states where biortification of crop is about to start. Biortification improves yields and boast the quality of crops
  4. Active participation in CAGRAT and other non-governmental societies and organizations for the progress of zone A and Niger state at large.


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