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Senator Abbo, our Judiciary and less privileged

Senator Abbo, our Judiciary and less privileged

Once again, the alleged psychopathic acts of some of our highly placed members of the Nigerian senate have been brought to book, albeit, quite embarrassing beyond all description.

To say that a so called distinguished senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria can deviate from the noble act of law making so as to promote even development, orderliness and stability in the country can descend so low to engage in a public physical assault of a poor helpless and less privileged woman at this stage of our nascent democracy and national consciousness is to say the least, quite bizarre, disheartening and an aberration.

Ordinarily, Abbo the erratic senator supposed to be the protector and defender of the right and privileges of the commoners, not their albatross. This explains why it is apt to say that the senatorial district where this modern day street fighter and thug came from have made an eternal mistake which had not only brought international Odium to his family but also his fellow members. Elisha Abbo’s unfortunate misadventure into the national assembly can never and will never be thrown under the carpet as it would equally question the credibility of our judiciary and its determination to dispense quality justice without fear or favour.

Painful enough as it seems, senator Abbo’s victim, is a nursing mother OsimibibraWarmate, who played the path of a genuine peace maker and got paid in a wrong coin by a man who ought not to be allowed to escape justice as a deterrent to others.

It now brings to question the undue incredibility of our nation’s judicial system and the dispensation of justice. In spite of the available evidence brought before the court on the uncivilized attitude of the Adamawa born senator, the magistrate court deemed it fit to discharge and acquit him on the assault and battery charges, without bearing in mind that such level of ridiculous judgement would be quite unacceptable and abnormal in a society that the campaign against violence on womenfolk is been on the front burner. The historic judgement magistrate Ilelah delivered on citizen Warmate has equally authenticated the conclusion of critics about the alleged corrupt practices of members of the “Nigerian Bench”. It also shows the gravity of public condemnation of their lordships”, lack of integrity and consistent romance with corrupt public office holders. Such unpatriotic acts would never encourage our growing democracy as justice would be handed over only to the rich and politically connected.

The uncivilized act of Abbo the slapping senator and the complexity of his police orderly is a sad reminder of the power abuse of the officers of the then military era where might was treated as right but now that we are in a nascent democracy, we expect that those who we referred to as lawmakers ought not to be law breakers who get justice through their Almighty means or go scot-free, while the leas privileged suffer un justly in their God given land.

We join other worried Nigerians to firstly demand for the removal of Senator Elisha Abbo, magistrate Ilelah and the subsequent trial of these highly placed persons to serve as a deterrent to others. The weird judgement should also be revised, properly reviewed with all the material facts and evidences so that the innocent woman would have good cause to be proud of her own country where justice can reign supreme.

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