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What does NIPIAC represent?

As far as I’m concerned it represents peace, unity, development, and above all, it’s a structure for support for Israel, and those that try to stand against Israel, we correct them, because Israel is biblical home for every Christian. For me, it’s my first country. I believe in Israel, I believe in what Israel stands for, and Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. I believe every living soul should also visit Israel to see Jerusalem and drink from the well of peace.


What is the relationship between Nigerian and Israel?

As far as I’m concerned Nigeria has a cordial relationship with Israel, so far. I don’t see any problem between Nigeria and Israel. But this is parliamentary, what it means is that we are an advocate for Israel in the parliament. This is the first time we are having this kind of thing in Nigeria, which means we have to, the parliamentarians, be speaking for Israel, and wherever there is disagreement, they should be able to stand and speak in a way that Israel will be understood, Okay, particular the non-Christians.


Looking at where you are now, will you say the aim and objectives of NIPIAC has been achieved or you’re on the right track?

100 percent. What we did today is remarkable. Other African countries have been hosting inauguration but you find 5-10 persons. But here you can see the huge number, the enthusiasm, and the number of persons, even non-parliamentary people are willing to join. Everybody wants to belong because we know the meaning of Israel. We know that when you believe in Israel you believe in God, okay… and its God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


Lastly Ma’am, where do you see NIPIAC in the next 6 years from now?

I see it flying high. I see it bubbling. Like my African Director said, we are going to have regional offices. We have African Director, we have African Coordinator. I’m Nigerian Director, and then with time we are going to have regional offices. We are in West Africa which is a region, so somebody will come from this region. And we are trusting God that the best person will be the regional Director who will go to other African countries to coordinate them.


How will the society benefit from this?

Everyone should have a proper water system because in Nigeria we have water so we cannot be lacking water. With proper development, by NIPIAC and the reigning government, we should be able to establish, with those willing, business men and women, those willing, we will be able to establish a proper water system. So in the next one or two years to come, this project will be all over the world.


Ma’am, you have mentioned your business men and women, your colleagues, but you didn’t mention the media. Will the media not be involved?

No, no, no, we are all involved including the media. Everybody is involved. You have my number, call me. We are going to have a proper office set up. Right now we have a temporal office, which is where I am, but with time everything will be sorted out.

Thank you.

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