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There are different kinds of people created by God, just as there are different kinds of politicians all over the world. While some people joined politics for self aggrandizement others equally joined the frail for love and the needs to help shape humanity on the part of development.

Obviously, Senator Ned Nwoko belong to the category of the later. A man with deep love for the people. He is equally loved by the people as he is adored by the youths, celebrated by the women and revered by all. He is passionate about addressing the numerous challenges confronting his immediate constituency of Anioma in particular.

An example of his passion for service will suffice! Few days after his inauguration as the senator representing Anioma, he returned back to his community where he hosted the people of Anioma and the entire state in a ceremony tagged, ‘grand ball celebrations.’

Speaking at the historic ceremony heralding his inauguration, Senator Nwoko never minced words about unveiling his vision for the people. He was frank, simple and direct while addressing the mammoth crowd who thronged in to welcome him from Abuja.

He said he will work for his people in every sphere, sector, and area whether it is a collective interest or an individual interest, he will make sure government address all the needs of the people, ranging from health, education, road, employment, and empowerment of the youths.

“As a friend of the governor, i will not allow him to rest until the governor does those things that can be done by the state, I love the people, I love being around the people as a grassroots person.

“When the inauguration was to take place, many people from the lowest to the highest called me that they will be coming to Abuja and they insisted that I should have a reception in Abuja but I told them if I will have a reception in Abuja for 200-500 people, that will not serve the purpose. Again, I told them that they should not worry that I am coming back to the grassroots for Anioma people to have a reception and anybody who can come from Ndokwa, Ika, Aniocha, and Oshimili can come to be part of the reception.

“For example, if the reception is been done in Abuja, the governor and members of the state Assembly won’t be able to be there. Only a few people will have the opportunity to be there and I also don’t like the idea of people traveling a distance journey based on the risk involved. I am happy that it has taken place here and I am also happy that many of our people were able to attend. I was born in the village, I’m still a village boy despite my education and exposure, I am happy being around the people because I love the people and the environment.”

On Tuesday, in demonstration of his genuine interest and love for the people, Senator Nwoko commenced his post election engagements with a meeting of the representatives of Ndokwa youths drawn from the 30 clans that made up of the 3 LGAs in Ndokwa nation.

Addressing the youths, Senator Nwoko said he would be the senator for all indigenes and residents of Delta North as the people share common constraints, needs and aspirations.

He told the youths of Ndokwa nationality that he had a deep knowledge of the challenges of the area and pledged to ensure effective representation that would engender improved quality of life and sustainable development.

Assuring the youths of a better future, the senator said he is poised to initiate regular interaction with political leaders youths as well as oil companies operating in the area to address unemployment, lack of basic amenities, environmental degradation among other problems affecting the generality of the people.

Nwoko who is the Chancellor of Sports University Idumuje-Ugboko, announced that a campus of the university would be established in Ndokwa land noting that Ndokwa people have appreciable record of excellence in Sports including swimming and hoped the Sports university, would encourage them to become global champions in sporting activities.

“As Delta North Senator my agenda is for Anioma people and those who reside in Anioma land. My focus is on everyone whether PDP, APC, LP or those that are not politician. Men and women, youths, male and female would be carried along. I understand the difficulties and desires of the people. I will speak and act for everybody and all segments. I assure the constituents of equity while serving as your senator.”

Senator Nwoko is the pride of the old and a source of inspiration for the youth. Men like to flock around him, women love to hear him speak, even children can’t seem to have enough of him. With Nwoko as the senator it is clear that Anioma district will be reckoned with in this dispensation.

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