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Nwakor Peter Paul President/CEO Wonder Child Group, owner of the soft Celebrity Fried Chicken

Brande is a highly motivated entrepreneur. The past 20years running, he has an impressive track record

In diverse industries. He has achieved success in various fields and viewed by his Clients as knowledgeable, reliable and resourceful person with appositive attitude capable of generating

Significant revenue and profit.

Paul has gained comprehensive working knowledge of the food industry through firsthand

Experience and he excels in detecting problematic areas. In addition, he is an excellent manager

With superb skills in effective marketing and business consulting. He provides impressive

technological solutions for diverse group of businesses.

He is a highly energetic, result-oriented leader with proven ability to manage multiple projects

With equal competency.

Celebrity Fried Chicken Limited is an indigenous and fastest growing Eatery brand in the country.

In just 2years, the Eatery has set up 3 classic restaurants in Abuja and3shawarmastorefront.

Also it has,2years, acquired a building in Ajah-Lekki to venture into the competitive Lagos


Celebrity Fried Chicken Limited is known for treating her customers as Kings and queens, hence


Delighted with the services, first-time visitor sex press contentment in the quality of products

And services Celebrity Fried Chicken offers.

Known as the Red Carpet Restaurant, Celebrity Fried Chicken restaurant ambience is the best

You can find in town.

Celebrity Fried Chicken serves Africa and continental dishes, Àlacarte special meals to

Here esteemed customers.

The Eatery’s services which can be compared only to 5-star hotels, qualifies the fledging brand to be designated ‘Outstanding Product of the Year’

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