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I have distinguished myself very well in NASS – Ossai

I have distinguished myself very well in NASS – Ossai

Rt. Hon. Ossai Nicholas Ossai is not a puppet when issues like good and quality representation are brought into the front burner of our national politics. The Utagba – Ogbe (Kwale) born erstwhile and currently national lawmaker has seen it all, having fought very tenaciously to propose bills, moved motions, and even ensured that they see the light of the day in the midst of obstacles and challenges that are associated with other members frustrating the passage of such bills.

The University of Nigeria Nsukka graduate who ventured into Nigerian politics as a dogged and fearless youth about two decades ago have proved himself to not only been an achiever, but also an household name in Ndokwa nation, Delta State and even in the South-South region, owing to his incontestable act of generosity and benevolence – a very distinct character amongst those from his Federal Constituency (Ndokwa/Ukwuani) that had occupied that position in the past.

Rt. Hon. Ossai N. Ossai is currently the House of Representatives Committee Chairman on Protocols, Agreements and Treaties, which in all ramifications is not a mean achievement. His 365 days legislative expertise in the 9th National Assembly is a great testimony to the fact that he possessed the qualities that make him one of the greatest political figures to watch in our nascent democracy.

Below are the Bills and Motions moved so far for the benefits of Ndokwa people and the Nigerian Nation at large.

On 11th of June, 2020 marks the one year anniversary of our journey of providing quality representation for our people in the 9th National Assembly. I am deeply excited to share with you some of the progress we have made and our focus in the coming years as we commemorate one year of amaze balls.

May I again, as my tradition is, thank and appreciate all of you, the good and enterprising people of Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency; His Excellency, Sen. Dr. Arthur Ifeanyi Okowa, Executive Governor of Delta State, our party leaders/members (the people’s Democratic Party-PDP), church leader, traditional rulers, community leaders, my base and all lovers of democracy for the graceful support and love you demonstrated in choosing me as your representative. As always, I consider the opportunity to serve you in the Green Chamber an honour and one of the greatest graces and privileges of my life.

My legislative activities this past one year has been eventful, productive and challenging. You may recall that during my inauguration day speech, I shared with you my constituency legislative agenda for the 9th National Assembly, which include but not limited to; Constituency briefing and engagement, youth/ women development and empowerment, achieving efficient primary healthcare, quantitative and qualitative education and lifelong-learning, passage of Federal Polytechnic Kwale (FPK) Bill, completion of IPP step-down Kwale, roads construction and rehabilitation; strategic youth engagement and employment through access to Federal Government, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Bank of Industry, NDE entrepreneurship opportunities. The agenda is designed to be achieved by effective utilization of legislative tools available to me to project the culture and holistic development of Ndokwa nation at the national and sub-national levels.

To successfully achieve the set goals, we developed legislative toolkits (known as the Hon. Ossai Quality Representation Toolkits for Ndokwa nation Constituency Development- QRTNCD) through interaction with constituent liaison officers, direct text messages, registered complains, social media/engagement, comments and specialized group demands.

The Hon. Ossai Quality Representation Toolkits categorized priority projects for constituency development, legislatives services and interventions within the core legislative functions of law-making, representation, oversight and constituency services.

Deploying these legislative toolkits armed with my rich and enduring legislative experience; we have successfully carried out five streams of training and empowerment programmes, impacting over 5000 people and more to come.

We have provided hospital beds and other equipment to over 12 health centres across the Federal Constituency in order to improve access to quality healthcare services, also provided tens of hundreds of school chairs and tables to give our school children and teachers world-class learning environment and outcome.

The IPP step-down is ongoing and I’m delighted to report that I have again secured a funding provision to the tune of almost N800, 000,000 in the 2020 budget for its completion.

Training and empowerment on small scale Business Developments, where over 1000 beneficiaries gained deep knowledge of business visioning/start-up, business registration and incorporation, documentation, book-keeping, brand design and packaging; salesman skills and business partnerships/expansion models. At the end of the rich training experience, each participant received a seed capital or start-up capital.

Training and Development of Youth and Women in Fish Feeds, Fish Value Chain and packaging for international markets. Here, over 2000 households in Ndokwa nation where directly and indirectly impacted by the training programme that helped selected participants to gain knowledge on fish feeds production; induced cat fish breeding-stripping; fertilization/egg incubation; fry theory and practical; fish sampling and sorting techniques; fish nutrition, fish management; fish product development cracker; fish cake burger; including fish health, aquaculture business plan development and access to international markets. Participants also received seed capital to commence immediately.

Training and Empowerment of youth and Women on Ginger and Mushroom Value Chain; under this scheme, phase one recorded over 200 participants benefitting directly, and phase two witnessed over 3000 were impacted indirectly by both phases of the programme. Direct beneficiaries gained requite knowledge in the core areas of Ginger and Mushroom value chain including farming techniques, harvesting, and researching and data usage. Strategy, marketing and technical concepts around Ginger and Mushroom value chain were also taught by a team of professionals. At the end of the training start-up capital were given to participants to take-off.

We also conducted training, development and empowerment of constituency members on aquaculture and fish processing technique. The programme benefitted over 50 persons who were rigorously trained in pre-stocking preparation of pond; understanding procedure for feeding fish, basic routine management of fish pond; harvesting techniques; access to markets and sources of grants and loans for expansion. The 50 participants all received start up capitals with a promissory note of letter of guarantor for those seeking for more funds for expansion and growth.

We organized a specialized Skills Acquisition and Empowerment Programme on Barbing and Cosmetology phase one and two, which was concluded in March 2020.

The programmed trained and equipped over 20 young barbers and barbers and cosmetologist. All participants received starter-packs to help them start off immediately or expand their existing business in the focused areas of training.

These development and empowerment programmes were deliberately designed to build human capacity, create jobs, inspire self reliance and pursue strategic group of the local economy of Ndokwa nation. Though we have executed and all executing numerous physical infrastructural projects; I will always be proud that my passionate desire to achieve a legacy of specialized human capital investment of Ndokwa sons and daughters in yielding undeniable results that will stand the test of time and history.

Successful construction of road with Drainage System at Onuobiukwu Street, Kwale. Successful construction of solar powered Borehole at Obodo Ugwa. Construction and renovation of classroom blocks with furniture across the constituency. Provision of solar powered streets to help provides lights on the pathways. Successfully secured through the universal service provision fund under the school knowledge centre (SKC) to the provision of the under listed education school. The school will take delivery of these items after the lockdown.

Maximum refurbishing of ICT Lab to include electrical, mechanical and evil works.

I. 40 Desktop Computers

ii. 2 Server with 21 inch monitor screen

iii 2 Teacher Laptop(s)

iv. 1 C band dish or VSAT Hughes BAGAN M2M Antenna Terminal

v. 1 Modern (Indirect X5 or its equivalent)

vi. 2 Core aggregation switch 28-ports (cisco S 300-28PP 28 port gigabit PoE managed switch or its equivalent)

vii. 1 Access switch POE-10 Ports (CISCO SG300-10MO-K(-UK or its equivalent).

viii. 4 point to point Bridge (CISCO WAP571E) or its equivalent

ix. 1 fire wall (Cisco ASA 5506-W-E-K9 network security or its equivalent)

x. 12 months 512/1024 kbps (4GB*40pcs*12 months)

xi 4 Access point (Cisco Air-Ap18321 or its equivalent)

xii. 1 Magic interactive White Board 3.0

xiii. Learning software (Brainfriend or its equivalent and Enchantra kids, Intel learning etc)

xiv. 110 KVA Solar powered solution with inverter/charger and automatic changer over switch

xv. 8 Inverter for Battery

xvi. 1.5KVA UPS for server

xvii. 1100KVA automatic change over switch

xviii. 1 HP LaserJet Network Colour Printer

xix. 1 high resolution multimedia projector with remote control

xx. Standard trunking and wiring of 50 data power points for the workstations

xxi. CAT 6E, Im Patch, 3 patch cords

xxii. 8 250W Solar Panel

xxiii. 112U Wall mounted Cabinet

xxiv. 2*20 each Computer bench with the integrated sitting platform

xxv. 40 Computer Chairs

xxvi. 2 Administrator Chairs

xxviii. 1 Administrative Table

xxix. 1 Admin Cabinet

Secured the construction and installation of one solar-powered borehole, Kwale.

I am committed to implementing the policy changes highlighted in my campaign letter to you and follow through with our vision to construct access roads, which we have secured commitment through NDDC budget to rehabilitate and construct the following roads: Obiaruku-Ossissa to Abala-Uno road and Ibrede to Aboh road, Nwajeli-Uzoka road; Erosion control at Ndemili; Construction of Utchi Primary Health Centre; Construction of Obikwele Health Centre; supply of Desks and Chairs to schools across the three local Governments Areas of Ukwuani, Ndokwa East and Ndokwa West. As well as continue greater investments in our flagship signature projects. I shall also consolidate on the current gains we have recorded in the area of human capital development across the constituency. As most of us are aware, these proposed projects depend largely on release of fund by the Federal Government. However, I will continue to deploy my lobbying skills, contacts and relationships to pursue its full implementation for the benefits of Ndokwa/Ukwuani nation.

May I acknowledge the social media comments and text messages I have received concerning the condition of Kwale road. The truth is that as your representative, I heartily share in your worries and concerns. As a person, I don’t accept the current condition of the Kwale road and won’t rest until something is done. Let me assure you all with every sense of responsibility, that I have taken it up to all relevant quarters and in a short while actions will be taken on the road to beam smiles in our faces again.

Covid-19 Pandemic and my Constituency Legislative Action; the Covid-19 outbreak took the whole world by surprise thereby leading to the crashing of global, national and local economics. Amy people lost their lives and means of livelihood and therefore need succor and relief. To help project our people and support them, I look the following actions and interventions.

Firstly, I immediately placed my constituency Office on essential duty to attend to constituency members who may need information, guidance or one assistance or the other.

I also designated the Ndokwa Nation Constituency Pandemic Rapid Response Officers (Ndokwa-COPRRO) charged with the responsibility to coordinate my constituency intervention initiatives including helping individuals with suspected health issues that might be linked to the virus get help from the relevant state and federal government agencies and general administration relief materials.

Thankfully, a few months to the Covid-19, I had distributed medical equipment and supplies to about 10 Health Centres across the constituency to help reposition our General hospitals and Health Centres to deal with the issues of health emergencies and improve primary healthcare services within our community. Like a supernatural design, these efforts helped during this pandemic and will continue to improve access to basic healthcare for our people. The following health supplies and equipment were distributed to general hospital and health centres across the constituency.

1. Hospital Beds each hospital got at least 10 beds

2. Mattress

3. Syringes

4. Stethoscopes

5. Scales

6. Stools

7. Drip stands

8. Fire Extinguishers

9. Examination Beds

10. Trays

11. Screens

12. Locks

13. Sphygmomanometers

14. Wall Spread

15. Baby Cot

16. Foetal Stethoscopes

17. Autoclaves

18. Surgical Sutures

19. Generators

20. Cooking pots

21. Under Water Seal Drainage Bottle

22. Mucus Extractors

23. Centrifuge Machine

24. Plastic Hand Washing Buckets

25. Plastic Buckets

26. Iron Rack/Cabinet

27. Plastic Chairs

28. Refrigerator

29. Mop Stick

30. Mop Buckets

31. Solar Torch

32. Chargeable Lights

33. Broom

34. Urinary

35. Ben Pans

36. Pedal Waste Bin

37. Wall Clocks

38. Angle Porch

39. Office Tables

40. Incision and Drainage Kits

41. Long Benches

42. Thermometers

43. Kidney Dishes

44. Stainless Cups

45. Delivery Beds

46. Motorcycles

47. Standing Fans.

To support hurting families and other constituency members; I also set up the “Ndokwa Nation Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund- (NERF)”, the fund was used to provide food supplies to families/households, cash transfers to individuals and other relief related interventions. Through we couldn’t reach everybody who were in need, I am happy to report that we made a difference in the lives of those we were able to reach. The NERF is still on-going and we hope to reach more people as the implementation continues.

At the National Assembly (particularly the House Representatives), we unanimously passed the Emergency Economic Stimulus Bill, 2020 to ameliorate the foreseeable health and economic hardship occasioned by this virus. We also passed the pandemic Budgets and I also donated two months of my services salary to help the fight against covid-19.

To help constituency members appreciate the threat posed by the novel virus and in support of Delta State and Federal Government efforts to contain and prevent the spread of the virus. I used my social media platforms and other traditional communications tools to help educate constituents. I issued presses releases, from time to time provided information on preventive measures; demonstrating the effective use of face masks, alcohol based hand sanitizer; social distancing and other preventive techniques.

I also paid solidarity visit to his Excellency our Governor with other House Representatives Members to express our support, solidarity and encouragement over his unrivalled technique, commitment and leadership in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus.

Again, let me seize the opportunity of this moment, to appreciate his Excellency, Sen. Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa and his team for the world class and best practices efforts they have successfully deployed in tacking the spread of the virus in Delta State and Nigeria. There is no better time to be a proud Deltan than now. Thank you to His Excellency.

Legislating under a pandemic; since the House of Representatives in April, I have continued to attend plenary, playing my legislative roles and the voice and aspirations of Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency is heard and mainstreamed both in issues of federal government pandemic palliatives distribution and the revised 2020 budget.

In the area of law-making; I have continued to sponsor bills that are relevant to the economic growth and development, promotion of democracy and rule law in Nigeria and by extension to Ndokwa Nation. Of great interest is the federal Polytechnic Kwale Establishment bill. I have successfully passed the bill in the House of Representatives and transmitted it to the Senate for concurrence in line with National Assembly lawmaking protocol.

Despite the efforts of those who don’t want the progress of Ndokwa/Ukwuani nation, and therefore sort to strangulate the bills life in the Nigeria Senate, I believe that God is still on the throne and I will continue to deploy all legal means and legislative tools within my disposal to push for men of good conscience in the Senate to do the needful by passing the Federal Polytechnic Kwale bill. Justice must be seen to have been done for Ndokwa nation. I have sponsored the under listed bills, which are now at different levels of the legislative mills. They are:

I. HB 296: Federal Polytechnic Kwale, (Establishment) Bill, 2019

ii. HB 101: Firearms Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

iii. HB 102: Dangerous Weapons Bill, 2019

iv. 4.HB 103: FCT Customary Courts Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

v. HB 105: Statutory Corporations (Modifications, etc) Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

vi. HB 106: Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria Act (Alteration) Bill, 2019

vii. HB 107: Federal Land Registry (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

viii. HB 110: Cancer Registry Bill, 2019

ix. HB 147: Corporate Social Responsibility (Special Provisions, etc) Bill, 2019

x. HB 148: Chemical Weapons Prohibition Bill, 2019

xi. HB 149: Criminal Justice (Release from Custody) (Special Provisions) Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

xii. HB 150: Student Union Activities (Control and Regulation) Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

xiii. HB 151: Nigeria Communications Commission Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

xiv. HB 153: Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (Alteration) Bill, 2019

xv. HB 154: Chartered institute of Trade and Investment of Nigeria Bill, 2019

xvi. HB 155: Criminal Code Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

xvii. HB 194: Assets Recovery Bill, 2019

xviii. HB 195: Nigeria Police Academy (Establishment) Bill, 2019

xix. HB 196: Solid Minerals Development Commission (Establishment) Bill, 2019

xx. HB 242: National Ethnic and values Compliance (Establishment) Bill, 2019

xxi. HB 292: Factoring Assignments (Establishment) Bill, 2019

xxii. HB 293: National Roads Fund Bill, 2019

xxiii. HB 294: Central Bank of Nigeria Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

xxiv. HB 295: Nigeria Council for Management Development Act (Amendment) Bill, 2019

xxv. HB 435: National Transport Commission Bill, 2019

xxvi. HB 451: Office of the Legislative Counsel for the Federal Republic (Establishment) Bill, 2019

Constituency Representation and Services; One of the key legislative instruments available to a legislator in the discharge of the onerous task of representation is motions. In the last one year, I have moved over 10 motions touching on key issues that affect the enterprising people of Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency and the nation at large. I am excited to note that through these motions which received overwhelming support and unanimous adoption by the House of Representatives… Concerted interventions by relevant MDAs are now being undertaken. The motions include:

Call on the National Boundary Commission to Wade into the Inter-State Boundary Dispute Between Ukwuani and Orhionmwon Local Government Areas: 10.12.2019

Motion on the urgent Need to Rehabilitate Obiaruku-Utagba-Uno-Ugili-Amai-Iselegu Road: unanimously adopted by the House of Reps today for action. 17.12.2019

Motion on Flood Devastation of Over 20 Communities in Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency Delta State

The need for a holistic review of all existing agreements between oil companies and their host communities in Nigeria 4.12.2019

Motion on the need to rehabilitate the roads in Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency

Motion on the urgent need to install scanning machines in Nigerian ports

Motion on the urgent need for the governing board of the Niger Delta Development Commission to be properly constituted in line with the Act governing it.

Motion on Transmission of all Treaties by Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to the National Assembly: 19.09.2019

Motion on the Need to Investigate Sterling Oil Exploration and Energy Production Company Limited (SEEPCO’s) Non-Compliance with Nigeria Local Content Act: 24.09.2019

Urgent Need to Address the Illegal and Forceful Occupation of Farmlands in Utagba-Ogbe, Ndemili and Olieogo Communities in Ndokwa/Ukwuani Federal Constituency and Violent Attacks On Farmers By Nomadic Herdsmen 25.02.2020.

Other legislative accomplishments: For the Benefits of Ndokwa nation and the Nigerian Federation. As Chairman, Committee on Treaties, Protocols and Agreements; I have undertaken key committee activities that is poised to positively impact the economic development of Ndokwa land and youth employment.

My motion on the need for a holistic review of all existing agreements between oil companies and their host communities in Nigeria of 4.12.2019, which was targeted at

ensuring that host communities benefit optimally from the mineral resources within their domain, and also to achieve a seamless host community agreement will definitely help in benchmarking and also checkmate the excesses of oil companies and some host communities. The public hearing was conducted by my committee.

Motion on Transmission of all Treaties by Federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to the National Assembly: 19.09.2019. This motion was at the core of my committee work. Through my committee efforts and our strategic multi-stakeholder engagement, to the credit of my committee, the Hon. Attorney General of the Federation for the first time in the history of Nigeria formally established “The National Depository of Treaties of Nigeria”. This will help organize treaties, protocols and agreements being signed by various government agencies and successive administration for easy reference, domestication and status of operation. This will also help the National Assembly, the executive, judicial, research students of foreign policy and diplomacy and the general public in the discharge of their responsibilities and obligations.

International Legislative Engagements

I was selected and inaugurated as a ranking member of the Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA) to help lead international legislative efforts in democracy promotion and protection and other democracy consolidation actions globally.

I was also selected and appointed Chairman, Nigeria Parliamentary Israel Allies Caucus to lead international commitment in the fight against anti-Semitism and promotion of mutually beneficial relations between Israel and Nigeria.

Legislative Capacity Building and Lectures Delivered

Trained the leadership, staff and members of the Zamfara State House of Assembly on leading an ethical legislature and legislative code of conduct.

Strategies for legislative engagement in achieving the ECOWAS – European Union Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) at a Konrad-Adenauer-Sliftung Nigeria organized roundtable discussion on achieving the EPA with a delegation from German Federal Parliament (the Bundestag) and ranking members of the Nigerian National Assembly. December 4, 2019.

Changing The Narratives On Public Perception Of The Nigerian National Assembly: A Paper Presented At The Legislative Conference 2019 With The Theme “Strengthening The Legislature For Effective Oversight Functions” Organized By Hallow Mace Communications in collaboration with the National Orientation Agency (TMOA) At The Sheraton Hotel Abuja On 25th November, 2019.

Public Lecture Series of the National Institute for Legislative and Democratic Studies (NILDS) on African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement: Issues and Implication for Nigeria. November 18, 2019.

Seminar organized by the German Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Dr. Hans-Gert Pottering Former President of European Union Parliament on the Roles of Parliament in Supranational Communities

Paper on “Using Governance Ethics to Enhance Legislative Oversight and

Investigation” at the House of Representatives Press Corps Seminar in commemoration of 2019 Press Corps Day at room 236, New Building, House of Reps Chambers, Abuja.

Legislative Agenda Development And Benchmarking Activities Of State Houses Of Assembly (SHOA): At The One Day Roundtable with Speakers of the State Houses Of Assembly (SHOA) Organized By The National Institute For Legislative And Democratic Studies (NILDS) On August 20, 2019 At Lagos Continental Hotel, Victoria Island Lagos.

Ethics and Code of Conduct for Legislators, paper presented at a three day capacity building and training for the leadership and members of Kogi State House of Assembly organized by NILDS on September 5th, 2019.

A Paper on Electoral Reforms And 2023 In Perspective: Repositioning A Nation In Disarray And Restoring The Dignity Of The Nigerian Electorate

Change Management: From a ruling to an Opposition Party: A Paper presented at the Benchmarking Workshop on Strengthening The Capacities Of Opposition for Members of the Uganda Parliament; Organized by the National Institute for Legislative And Democratic Studies (NILDS) Training Room On 24th Day of June 2019.

Establishment of New Ndokwa Nation Constituency Office; understanding that representation is always better appreciated and more effective when the collective interests of the people are comprehensively aggregated through an institutionalized means… I moved to establish a brand new Home Parliament – The Ndokwa Nation Constituency Office at Kwale and Liaison Officers and Community Representatives across the Federal Constituency.

This is to engender inclusion, active political participation, better access to me, constituency interest aggregation, dispute resolution, community issues reporting and management .etc.

Successful organization of Ndokwa Nation Constituency Town-Hall Meeting for Stewardship and Legislative Agenda Setting.

At the Special Town Hall Meeting, I rendered my stewardship account to the people and also distributed documented copies of my legislative accomplishments.

The town hall meeting was also designed as a partnership platform for the 9th Assembly agenda setting for the constituency. Because I believe that representation is not just about what I want for my people but about what my people ultimately wants from government at the centre and me. To the glory of God it was a huge success.

Esteemed constituents, this is a special moment for Ndokwa Nation. I therefore, ask that we continue to work together and take advantage of the opportunity available to us to constructively engage each other for the sole purpose of moving Ndokwa /Ukwuani land forward with infrastructural and human capital development/empowerment. On my part, I am here to serve you, listen to you, work with you to find common solutions to our shared aspirations, and deploy all legislative privileges available to me to implement requisite changes and continue to provide quality representation in the best interest of our constituency and Nigeria at large.

30. As we unite to move our dear constituency and Nigeria forward; I invite you to come up with brilliant ideas, proposals, partnerships and support systems that will help to build and develop Ndokwa Nation. I pledge to remain very open as always to your ideas and other constructive engagements aimed at improving the lots of our people.

Please remember to stay safe and observe all the covid-19 containment and prevention protocols initiated by the Delta State Government Task Force on Covid-19 and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC). Thank you and May God keep and protect our Ndokwa Nation from the evil virus and protect you all iii the Name of God, the Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen!

I -Vow-To-Do-More!

Yours in Service,

Rt. Hon. Dr. Ossai Nicholas Ossai Abuja, Tuesday June 11, 2020.

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