The Parliament Diary

By: Atibile Williams.

Your Excellency, Sen. Prince, Bassey Edet Otu, CRS Governor-elect, on a normal, yours truly will tremble with a zillion eulogies in your honour for a job well done at the just concluded governorship election in the state. This success story of March 25, 2023 propelled some paradigm shift at all realms of human existence.
I witnessed audacity at work as PVCs spoke loudly in the language of electorates.
Like a giant you subdued opponents and swayed opinion to your favour. You climaxed troubled campaigns with Angelic disposition.

While some reveled on arrogance and ghost chasing, you penetrated hinterlands with bleeding heels canvassing for votes. Less I forget, your tone and charisma at every fora conveyed an atmosphere of tranquility, love and hope. Today, your name is crested in gold as some champions of modern democracy. Your political dynasty is traversing the horizon like a colossus.
While these and more are due you in view of your majestic personage, I shall not fail to make hay while it shines.

Sir, as the cock crows, volumes of congratulatory advertorial are sponsored on both traditional and new media. Embedded therein are titles and subtitles to elicit your attention. Note, some are voices of disgruntled ethnic and religious extremists willing to perpetrate havoc in the guise of mutual identification.

Therefore, as you progress in the school of governance, remember indigent communities with empty stomachs on account of your victory.
Remember webs of illiteracy seeking your intervention. Remember reposed confidence on your economic blueprints and stimulus.
Remember your humane heart.

Sir, help the less privileged amongst us make a difference for God to be glorified through you.
It is only by so doing posterity will remember you in the sands of time. Best wishes.

Atibile Williams is the Cross River state Correspondent, The Parliament Diary Newspapers.

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