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Kola Oladele – Student, Lagos.

Firstly, we must appreciate the quick response of the Federal and State government of their concerted efforts at ensuring that the contagious disease doesn’t spread so much as it did in foreign lands. The issue of the sharing of COVID-19 palliatives could be the handwork of mischief makers who have refused to give the palliatives to the less privileged to cushion their tough conditions. Much as I think the pandemic is reducing, I hope government is not resting in the bid to let the disease not resurface again. Those who are also hoarding the palliatives should desist from doing so, so that the wrath of God will not visit them.

David Oritsegbemi – Businessman, Warri.

I think government has not tried enough to enlighten the people on the need to be self medicated before the issue of the palliatives. The economic disaster caused by the lockdown and the extraordinary tension caused by rumour peddlers has even brought fear to the ordinary citizens than the dreaded disease. For me, sharing the COVID-19 palliatives is not the final solution to our nation’s leadership and followership problem. We are still living in fear of the future. My interest is not whether the palliatives are shared judiciously but how we are live in a disease free society.

Abubakar Monguno – Islamic Cleric, Kano.

First of all, we must give thanks to Almighty God for sparing our lives till this day. We have seen that truly the African continent is stronger and can endure any health challenge. Our forefathers never went to all these ultra-modern clinics or hospitals, yet they lived well and loved their neighbours.

Whether the sharing formula of government’s palliative is done accurately or not, one thing is clear, we need to be honest with ourselves so that the dreaded disease will not hunt any of us (as it exterminated many of the white people) in their land.

Bode Folurunsho – Health Worker, Owerri

As a public health officer with many years experience, I thank the federal, state and local government for their collective response in trying to prevent the escalation of this deadly disease in our land. Apart from that, the citizens of this beloved country of ours should ensure that they keep their environment clean at all times and also wear their nose masks. This issue of sharing government’s kits and palliatives should be done with patriotism and care for one another, because government can’t provide all what the citizens need. Those in charge of these goodies must not play politics with it for an healthy nation is a wealthy nation.


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